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Carnitta Marshall OT/L

Owner - Rescue Quest CPR LLC
AHA Certified BLS Instructor

When I started Rescue Quest CPR LLC, my passion for occupational therapy was the driving force.  I chose OT as a career because I have always been drawn to health and wellness and loved the idea of finding a job in which I could make a difference.  I have always felt great satisfaction and self-fulfillment by helping others. I truly enjoy seeing people learn new things and helping them realize their full potential, so I wanted to continue this mission by finding additional ways to help others and give back to my community.

I have been a certified BLS provider for over 25 years and I wanted to use my skills as a health care practitioner to teach CPR and First Aid skills so that people can learn how to help save lives. I believe in the necessity of learning life saving techniques because emergencies are unpredictable and I want to ensure that people receive the best CPR training possible.

That is my mission...that is my responsibility. To myself, to my family, and to my community.

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